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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Testimonials from patients of New Horizons Dental Center in Herndon, VA.

“I came to Dr. Estwani with more than one problem. I lost two front teeth and had a 10+ year crown. This is all in the front of my mouth. As a working professional, this was affecting my personal and professional life. I went to some of the top rated cosmetic surgeons in the area. I was quoted jobs for 10,000 up to 20K and even more. Some of the surgeons suggested I get veneers on even my healthy teeth, others suggested I pull a tooth to make room for three implants. I heard ridiculous “solutions” and saw even more ridiculous numbers. I had almost given up when I came to Dr. Estwani.

The one thing that stood out with my visit to NHDC was that Dr. Estwani asked me what I wanted. He listened before he began to throw suggestions/solutions at me. He gave me the options others did, but also alternative options that some of the surgeons didn’t. Probably because they did not want me to know I had these options.

It was clear to me that the NHDC family had my best interest at heart and not their personal needs. I cannot be more grateful for not just the amazing work but the honesty and integrity of NHDC.

I love my new smile. The quality of the product is superior. I ended up with a bridge in the front after 2 gum surgeries and a fitting. My bridge looks natural and feels great. My bite is amazing.

I cannot believe how natural and comfortable my teeth feel.

Thank you Dr. Estwani! You are Amazing!”

Maram Kamal

“Always a positive experience with all dental work I have received from Dr. Estwani, and his staff for 6 ½ years. Recently the Doctor finished an implant and the success with the implant has given me a correct bite since I needed the tooth I lost. Dr. Estwani knows how to do everything.”

Mary A. Gould

“I would like to share my experiences at the New Horizons Dental Center (NHDC). All NHDC staff always show friendliness with professionalism to their patients. The many visits to the NHDC have been have been most satisfying with great results.

My initial visit to the center was with my so imperfect teeth which hindered from showing when smiling. My smiles were more like grins at best. Dr. Estwani examined my teeth and comforted me with a solution that will meet my expectations. He provided a solution to first adjust my teeth and bite using Invisalign, and followed by using Lumineers to beautify my teeth. I was filled with joy when I heard that.

The end result was a set of teeth that I show when smiling or even laughing in public. I am very proud of my teeth now. The credit goes to Dr. Estwani, he took care of me with gentle touch and always put me first as the most important thing during treatments. Dr. Estwani treats all his patients the same as he did with me. As with the hygienists, they provide great cleaning care with useful tips. The entire office projects a friendly environment with the objective of patients first.

I have been going to NHDC for my complete dental care for years and I will continue to do so.”

Joseph Li

“Dr. Estwani is amazing! I had not been to a dentist in 20 years, out of fear. I finally reached the point that I wanted straight teeth and that beautiful smile. However, at 38 I did not want a mouth full of metal. A co-worker recommended Dr. Estwani, so I called for a consultation.

I was looking into Invisalign but was not sure if that was an option due to the severe crooked teeth. After some examination it was determined that I could get that perfect smile without having to hide the metal.

Honestly, I am excited to come to the dentist. Not only does Dr. Estwani put you at ease, but the entire staff is friendly. I love the fact that they have given me my small dream, and I recommend them to everyone. Thank you!”

Gean Cain

“I had a great experience with the Fast Braces system. We achieved the desired result (correcting two crooked teeth on top and straightening four on bottom) in only nine months… which is virtually unheard of, at least among my circle of friends and family. My sister got traditional braces 3 months before I did (we are both adults), and had some complications and had to get hers removed a few months before I, and her results were decidedly not as good as mine, even though we wore our braces for the same amount of time.

I would advise any adult looking at braces to go with Dr. Estwani and the Fast Braces system! He and the staff are courteous and prompt… and the results speak for themselves! I’m so glad I chose this approach vs. a 2 – 3 year traditional system. What adult wants to wear braces for that long?! Certainly not I! I feel much more confident and beautiful with my newly straightened teeth. Dr. Estwani did a fantastic job!”

Jennifer Callahan

“Have you ever wished that you met someone 30 years earlier?

Well, that’s how I felt when I visited Dr. Isam Estwani at his clinic. The superb dental work he did on my upper and lower front teeth made me smile more often with confidence whenever I talk to my clients. Gone is the envy I used to have when I see men smiling with a good set of natural teeth or dental work.

The first time I visited his office, I felt very much at home. The staff is courteous, cordial, helpful and always available to answer my questions. The office is spacious and pleasantly decorated, dental equipment modern, up-to-date and of high tech caliber in every aspect.

I was most impressed when after examination, Dr. Estwani explained to me in detail, his findings and recommendations. He explained to me several options that can be done. And thereafter, his office manager explained everything regarding my insurance coverage – what is covered and what I expect to pay.

I left his office feeling very confident and assured, knowing that when my dental work is done, there will be no surprises and unexpected costs.

I will not hesitate recommending clients to Dr. Estwani. I already have done so, because I know they will be in good hands.”

Antonia De Vera